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What can it do for my Health other than relaxation?

Reflexology has been known to do the following:

Relieve Stress

Reduce tension and tightness

Improve circulation/blood supply

Improve Lymph drainage

Improve nerve functioning

Build up the body's immunity and resistance to disease

Release toxins and impurities

Rejuvenate tired tissues/cells

Help to restore a proper fluid balance in the tissues

Speed the elimination of waste products

Clear emotional debris

Provide grounding


In addition Reflexology creates an over all sense of well-being. When this happens it also helps with the following:

Improve comfort and control/decrease pain

Decrease soreness and healing time

Improve sleep

Relieve fatigue

Reduce swelling from illness or injuries

Relieve stomach and backaches

Improve circulation

Improve skin-tone

Improve concentration

Relieve headaches and migraines

Relieve sinus problem

Relieve digestive problems

Reduce Menstrual discomfort

Reduce anxiety

Improve mood

Increase energy



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